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Why Film in Turkey

Turkey offers great opportunities to film professionals in every phase of film production. Aside from beautiful natural wonders and unique historic sites, Turkey has become a center of attraction for foreign directors and producers due to its qualified personnel, developed transportation system, hospitality services and technical infrastructure.

Tax Advantage

Foreign film producers can receive VAT (up to %18) refund during procurement and import of the goods and services that they buy within the duration of film shooting.

Competitive Prices

Home to a vibrant film industry with co-production experience, Turkey offers producers an ideal opportunity to reduce the cost of filmmaking having low prices for film logistics, equipment rental, professional labor and VFX.

Technical Materials and Team Support

Hundreds of films and television series are shot each year in Turkey. Foreign producers can easily access the latest technology, state of the art equipment, experienced staff and talented actors/actresses that can speak foreign languages. In terms of casting, there is a variety of ethnic and cultural looks. Istanbul is home to post-production houses which are equipped with the latest technology for editing, VFX, animation, 3D stereoscopy and audio. 

Hospitality Services

With top of the line services and high-quality standards, film crews are able to enjoy work and accommodation in comfort during filming.

Four Seasons Simultaneously!

Due to Turkey’s geographical location, it offers producers all kinds of landscapes where scenes of four seasons can be filmed at the same time.

Natural Film Plateaus

The presence of beautiful scenery of beaches, rocky shores, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, drylands, as well as modern architecture and unique historical cities and villages, offer a wide range of scenic diversity. Natural wonders such as Cappadocia and Pamukkale provide a visual feast as well as natural film plateaus beyond the dreams of directors and producers.

Filming Where The Continents Meet

Istanbul is one of the most fascinating and extraordinary cities in the world and it is located in both Asia and Europe. As Turkey is a country where two continents meet, one can easily travel between Turkey and many destinations.

Beyond Cultural Wealth: The Meeting of Civilizations

The fact that Turkey has hosted different civilizations, people with different languages, religions and races for thousands of years has resulted in the existence of a unique cultural feast in Turkey. The deeply rooted historical past and culture, which is internalized within every city, increase the diversity of filming locations.

Different Countries In One Geography

One of the advantages of Turkey is that it can be the setting for various settings in different countries. A film whose story takes place in the Middle East can be shot in some cities in the South East of Turkey. The Aegean and the Mediterranean regions can be the settings for the Mediterranean countries with olive trees, vineyards, pine forests and beaches. The mountains can be the setting for Switzerland, France and the Alps. The nature and environment in the Black Sea Region are very similar to the nature and environment in England, Ireland, Scotland and the North European Countries.

Convenience in Filming Permissions

Foreign producers who want to film in Turkey can obtain filming permit in a short time after applying to the Directorate General of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through our website: